Port City Brewing Company Porter

Since last week I committed the cardinal sin of re-reviewing a beer Josh has already blogged about, I decided to go hyper-local this week and bust out a second review of Alexandria, Virginia-based Port City Brewing Company’s beer.

They’re an upstart D.C. region brewery, having gone into business just one year ago, but already finding their product carried on tap and in bottles in hundreds of local restaurants and beer stores. Since I’ve started working from home and their brewery/tasting room is just a few miles away, a fresh Port City growler has become a regular staple in the Marcacci household refrigerator!

Today I decided to cap off a busy week with a growler of their Porter. A quick car ride to their tasting room later, I poured a proper pint of their liquid darkness. This beer is probably one of the darkest porters I’ve ever had, considering light won’t shine through it even if held up to a light. The foam poured a short, creamy crown that stuck around through most of the glass.

I’m typically not a porter guy, but hot damm this beer tasted good. The flavor started out with tons of coffee notes, but with a creamy essence like half-and-half in a french roast. I picked up rich milk chocolate through the middle, and it faded into a sweet but crisp aftertaste.

This beer is eminently drinkable, which can be problematic considering it weighs in at a significant 7.5% ABV. Still, if you’re in the D.C. region, I absolutely encourage you to try Port City whenever possible. If you’re thinking about stopping by their tasting room, make sure to call ahead to get a tour of their brewing facility while you’re there!

Author: Silvio

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