Sam Adams Alpine Spring

I think anyone in the U.S. will agree that this winter has been much warmer than usual. I’ve seen a few media outlets call it the year without winter, which would definitely apply to the D.C. region, where it’s currently 60 degrees on January 28. I believe in global warming, so to me, it all sucks. But to some, it’s great that Spring has come early.

And thus my segue into this week’s beer review – Sam Adams’ Alpine Spring. I was quite surprised to see a Sam’s spring seasonal on the shelf of my local beer store today (seemed quite early to me), and usually love their seasonals, so I jumped at the chance to review it.

This brew is billed as a citrusy unfiltered lager, with hops grown in the Alps to give it a crisp floral taste with sweet honey malt notes. Sounds good, eh? The pour was beautiful, slightly cloudy with a pale golden color and a decent foam head.

I got kind of a weird aroma from this beer, with faint notes of honey, but overall kind of a soapy smell. It didn’t really smell like anything, to be honest. Pretty weird, I have to say.

Taste-wise, I was expecting a lot. And…I was let down. Hops from the Alps must be unlike any hops I’ve ever tasted, because this didn’t seem to have any semblance of hoppiness at all. It’s definitely light and crisp, I’ll give it that, but there’s no big flavor to mention. I got a lot of faint honey-esque sweetness through the middle and end, with an orange-y aftertaste.

I guess this would be a good beer on a warm Spring day, and the 5.5% ABV means you can put down several without getting hammered, but I don’t really get the appeal here. Frankly I’m a little let down by Sam Adams on this one. Anyone have a different experience with the Alpine Spring?

Author: Silvio

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