Sierra Nevada Celebration 2011

Sierra Nevada Celebration 2011

You know what’s fun? Blog SPAM! Today I’ve received a ridiculous flurry of the stuff. They come in the form of ridiculous comments by authors which are trying to promote their website. Here are just a FEW of what I’ve received in the last 24 hours:

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A really good awnser, full of rationality!

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Freaking hilarious. What does that last one even mean?!?!

Sierra Nevada Celebration 2011

Moving on to tonight’s beer, I’m drinking the best beer – the free kind. Someone left this Sierra Nevada Celebration 2011 at my house recently.

This is an American IPA, and a terrific one in my opinion. The hops are fruity and slightly floral, and while the beer packs a pretty good hop-wallop, I don’t find it super-intense. I’m REALLY digging the bitterness, probably because it’s balanced a bit with malty sweetness.

If you’re not familiar with Sierra Nevada, they always make good beer…very few “fails” in their beer library. The Celebration is pretty damn tasty!

Sierra Nevada Celebration 2011

Author: Joshua Dion

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