Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale

This past weekend we had our friends Adam and Elina over for dinner and drinks. Adam tweeted to me beforehand asking what beer he should bring. I immediately knew the answer! My local liquor store Julio’s has just announced the release of Ry(e)an Ale, a collaboration with Smuttynose Brewing. I asked Adam to see if Julio’s had any left. Lucky for us, they did!

The brew is a rye ale which is aged in bourbon barrels. It was nothing like any other rye ale I have had and frankly looked/smelled/tasted WAY more like a darker sweet beer (such as a scotch ale). Adam commented that it was “dangerously drinkable” given the 8% ABV. My wife said she would drink it at gun-point, which is a HUGE complement believe it or not. :)

As for flavors, it was a mix of caramel and bourbon. No bitter flavor whatsoever. Both Adam and I loved the beer!

Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale”

  1. How prevalent is the rye in this beer? You mention that it is different than any others you have tasted. Is it still noticeable or does it get overwhelmed by everything else?
    A good friend of mine, Justin, is pretty passionate about rye beers and I’m wondering if this is worth the effort to pursue some bottles to ship to him.
    Thanks! Oh and before I forget…ab fab my gloody man. (Seriously I have been laughing for days about that)

    1. Skye:

      I have pretty limited experience with rye ales. I have only reviewed a small handful and so I don’t have a great set of comparisons. That all said, this tasted nothing like any other rye ales I have tried, and I would credit that to the other BIG flavors in the beer. It’s an absolutely fantastic beer, so I’d actually recommend you send some to Justin.

      Thanks for taking a minute to comment. Ab fab my gloody man!


  2. I’ve had this a few times and don’t find it throttling me and screaming “I AM RYE! DAMN YOU RYYYYYYE!” The flavor is there, no denying that. However, it’s not the prevalent in the brew. To my tastebuds, that’s the wood.
    They have several cases in stock as of Friday.

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