Stiegl Pils

Stiegl Pils

Tonight I’m pretty beat down. I just started class again (financial management) and the class went the full three hours. I can already tell that I’m going to have to earn these credits…

With a long day comes a lack of motivation. Thus, you get a mini hold-over review I had in my back pocket: Steigl Pilsner.

This brew brew was an interesting little fella. I knew it was a lager, but from the label I couldn’t tell it was a pilsner. I couldn’t tell from the look, the smell, the flavor or the mouth feel either! It wasn’t as bubbly as a pilsner (quite smooth and creamy going down actually) and the taste was sweet like honey.

Regardless of not meeting my expectations, it was a decent beer. Then again, I wouldn’t buy the stuff if I saw it again.

Stiegl Pils

Author: Joshua Dion

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