Three Heads Java Sutra

Three Heads Java Sutra

This week I have purposely been away from the blog. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you also know that for the last 5 months my wife and I have been running and working out regularly. I also believe that I previously mentioned that we recently booked a trip to Cancun. Well, all this working out has me feeling great, but I’m not seeing the results I wanted, so I’m looking to additional solutions…including chopping out some booze from my weekly routine.

Three Heads Java Sutra

Tonight and tomorrow night I set aside for beer reviews. Tonight I’m extra thirsty!

The glass in hand is full of Three Heads Java Sutra. Three Heads delivers again with an amusing label – what appears to be hops and a coffee bean in bed together. You know what’s messed up though? If you look closely at the label, there is a cup of spilled coffee on the floor. Was the coffee bean drinking coffee??!?!?!?!

The beer smells like a coffee shop…a deliciously beery coffee shop. It tastes pretty standard for a coffee porter – super roasty malt flavors with a thin body. Pretty easy to drink once it has warmed up just a tad. If this sucker had just a little more hops action, you could mistake it for a black IPA.

Overall, a good (but not great) beer. High marks on the awesome label.

Three Heads Java Sutra

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