Throwback Brewery Tap Takeover – Portsmouth Gaslight Co.

Portsmouth Brewery

This past Saturday Melissa and I spent the day in Portsmouth, NH. Our day started off with breakfast at The Friendly Toast. I had this crazy breakfast concoction – cayenne toast, topped with vegetarian sausage, mashed sweet potato, scrambled tofu, and sour cream. It was spicy and delicious. Melissa enjoyed a vegan breakfast burrito. We left fat and happy.

Portsmouth Gaslight Co

Next up, we window-shopped. The weather was unseasonably warm for January (40+ degrees), which was pleasant. We finished up shopping around 2:00pm so we could meet up with Norm at the Portsmouth Brewery.

This was my first time to the brewery and I wasn’t let down. As we sat with Norm and chatted, I slugged down two pints of their milk stout. It was a TERRIFIC milk stout, mixing sugary sweetness with roasted malt bitterness.

Portsmouth Gaslight Co

After the brewery, we went next door to the Portsmouth Gaslight Company for the main event of the evening – a tap takeover by Throwback Brewing.

Throwback is a North Hampton, NH based brewery. The brewery was started in 2010 by Annette Lee and Nicole Carrier, making it one of only a handful of woman-owned breweries in North America! The brewery is small right now, only producing 3 barrels (~90 gallons) at a time.

Throwback Brewery Tap Takeover

The party was ROCKING over at Portsmouth Gaslight Co. We started with a modest crew – Me, the wife, Norm, his buddy Andy, and his wife Kathy. The party quickly turned into an impromptu tweet-up with the following people making appearances:

Brian (a.k.a @SeacoastBevLab)
Carla (a.k.a. @beerbabe)
Doreen (a.k.a @BeerZenGirl)
Aubrey (a.k.a. @starshaped)
Ted (a.k.a. @thesleepyvegan)
Matt (a.k.a. @k9radiotiki)

It was awesome meeting up with so many people, many of which I have never met before.

Throwback Brewery Tap Takeover

The Fat Alberta is an imperial stout. It’s not just ANY imperial stout though…it’s brewed with peanuts! I had my doubts that the beer would actually taste like peanut butter. Man was I wrong!

The Fat Alberta is a TERRIFIC brew – truly unique and delicious. I could smell the peanuts and distinctly taste them. The beer has a chocolatey taste to it as well; peanuts/chocolate are obviously a wonderful combination. The beer ran out within an hour of being tapped…sad, but an indicator of how good this stuff is.

To cap off the night, a few of us popped back into the Portsmouth Brewery for a late bite to eat and some more brews.

Overall it was a great trip to Portsmouth. Great weather, great company, and great beer!

Throwback Brewery Tap Takeover

Author: Joshua Dion

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