Uinta Tilted Smile

Unita Tilted Smile

Last night we had new found friends (guest blogger) Greg and his wife Heather over for dinner. It was a jolly time. Quite dandy. We didn’t do anything exciting – ate and then shot the shit for a few hours.

Unita Tilted Smile

Now, I was drinking a fair amount, but from what I recall we talked about pets (and/or animals) for 90% of the time. All four of us are definitely suckers for furry things.

Unita Tilted Smile

This morning I paid the price for drinking on a Thursday night. Explosive diarrhea. Yup. And enough gas to consider me a fire hazard.

Unita Tilted Smile

Greg was kind enough to bring along some new beer for me to try. One of them was this Uinta Tilted Smile. If you’ve never tried an imperial pilsner, I recommend you do. They are nothing like their yellow & fizzy imperial-less brother.

In contrast with a standard pilsner, The Tilted Smile is semi-sweet and really not that bitter at all. Greg pointed out that it had a creamy mouthfeel (true!) and added some banana flavor (also true!). The style of beer is unique and the beer itself is well done and unique.

Careful though…I found that mixing this 9% ABV beast with a half dozen other mixed beer results in assplosions.

Unita Tilted Smile

Author: Joshua Dion

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7 thoughts on “Uinta Tilted Smile”

  1. They’ve also got Jolly Pumpkin La Roja for the same price and I want to try that too.

    We get a lot of U.S. craft beer here but such specialist imports will always be so expensive sadly :-(

    1. Nate:

      If I had to spend $25 for either of those (at gun point), I’d pick the Jolly Pumpkin. I love everything Jolly does…but you probably know that from reading my reviews. :)

      If you like tart beers, the Roja is fantastic!


  2. I actually just grabbed a bottle of that on Friday. Coincidence…well yes actually. After reading your write up I’m excited to try it, but I think I might let it ride the pine a bit until summer comes along. Thoughts?

  3. Have you had My Antonia from DFH? That was one good imperial pilsner.

    I’ve actually got a handful of Uinta beers in my review queue, but sadly this is not one of them. From my preliminary tastings they make some pretty good stuff.

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