Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale

Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale

I’ve been absent from the blog for a few days, courtesy ANOTHER head cold. I swear to God I have the worst immune system ever. Every one of these colds is exactly the same:
Day 1 – scratchy throat
Day 2 – sore throat
Day 3 – calm before the storm
Day 4,5,6 – Stuffy nose or runny nose, apparently depending on whether or not I have a tissue in my pocket. Runny nose only when I lack said tissue.
Days 7,8,9,10 – All the snot moves to my chest, awful coughing persists.

Anyone else have this crap happen all the time?

Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale

I’m in the middle of the nasty chest cough portion of the cold, which means that I can actually smell. Smelling capacity = beer reviewing capacity, so let’s rock and roll!

I’m drinking this Blackbeard ale from Virgin Island’s Brewing. My sister-in-law brought this beer back from St. Thomas where she and her husband were recently vacationing.

Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale

At first whiff of this brew, I was confused; the smell was foreign. I’ve decided that I THINK it reminds me of the smell of brown sugar. The taste is equally baffling. The beer is an English Pale Ale by style, but I’ve never had a pale ale (or any other style) that tastes like this.

There is a dark-fruit aspect to the beer…maybe dates or figs. There’s also some mild citrus hops evening out the flavor. Finally, there is a brown sugar sweetness.

I love how unique the beer is; my expectations were lower. Next time I’m in the Virgin Islands, I’ll be looking for this one on top. (Note – it’s actually brewed in Minnesota, but I want to pretend it’s brewed on the islands).

Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Virgin Islands Blackbeard Ale”

    1. Brianna:

      You have three options:
      1. Talk to your local beer store. Ask them if they can obtain it.
      2. Contact the brewery. Ask them if they distribute to your area.
      3. Contact the distributors in your area.

      I’d encourage you to try the second option first.

      Good luck!


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