Widmer Brothers Brrr Winter Warmer

Holy crap running a business is a lot of work. This was my first full week of work out on my own and it feels like I’ve been working all day, every day. I’m feeling a bit fried, so I decided to force myself to take a break for the NFL playoff games and of course, a few beers.

Earlier this week I picked up a six pack of Widmer Brothers Brrr Winter Seasonal, and I’ve been slowly working my way through them this week. I made sure to save a few for this week’s review because I seriously love this brew and wanted to extol its virtues to LIBA Nation.

/checks LIBA beer catalog, sees Brrr was reviewed in 2009, bangs head into wall/

/checks refrigerator for other beers, finds none/

Well, that complicates things a bit. Okay, seasonals can change from year to year, and I had a slightly different experience than Andy the Beerman did, so I’m gonna go ahead and write this up.

Brrr poured a crystal clear dark copper color, with barely any carbonation. The foam head was barely more than a light dusting of cream-colored froth, but it stuck around for several minutes. The aroma was full of big hops, but I thought it was dominated by piney notes rather than 2009’s citrus hops aroma.

The differences between 2009 and 2011’s versions got more distinct for me in the flavor. Brrr started out with a huge piney hop flavor that transitioned into sweet malts through the middle. The taste dropped off a bit toward the end of each sip, but finished off with a nice long bitter note.

Even though this beer is full of strong hops, it’s well-balanced by the malts and is crazy drinkable. The 7.2% ABV is a little strong so you might get touched up after a few, but I’d still heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a good hoppy winter warmer.


Author: Silvio

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