Anchor Brekle’s Brown

I’m officially an idiot. I didn’t post any reviews to LIBA on last Friday (out of town) nor on Sunday (hung over). All that time I had a guest review from Greg sitting my inbox. DOH! Well, better late than never. Greg….

Anchor Brekle's Brown

My wife is working late tonight, so that means beer and video games. Tonight’s beer is Brekle’s Brown from Anchor Brewing Company. This is an “all malt, single hop (Citra)” brown ale. As expected it pours a gorgeous deep brown with a mocha colored head. I can see lots of bubbles nucleating on the side of the glass and the head reflects that. The nose is very malty with some other sweet scents like toffee.

Anchor Brekle's Brown

The Brekle’s Brown ale has a very sweet flavor profile. The most prominent flavors that I got were roasted malts and caramel. I really can’t taste the hops, but the flavor is pretty balanced and not overly sweet. There is a slight sourness to the finish, but it is not unpleasant. Overall, this beer is a little too sweet for me to drink more than one in a sitting but at 6% abv it is definitely smooth enough if you like the sweetness. I would recommend this beer to anyone who prefers brown ales or beers that have a strong malt profile.


Anchor Brekle's Brown

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