Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale

Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale

I’m going to start tonight’s post with a rant about mortgage servicers. You may skip to the beer review below if you want to skip this part.

I have an FHA backed mortgage. This makes my $60,000 underwater mortgage ineligible for HARP or any of the other assistance programs. As I looked around on the web, I found something called an FHA Streamline Refinance. Anxious to drop my 6% interest rate to something closer to 4%, I gave my servicer (Wells Fargo) a call. The first guy I talked to told me that Ginnie Mae backed my loan and they didn’t participate in the FHA Streamline loan process. After doing more research online I called my bank, who I trust more than Wells Fargo. I explained my situation and got no where…same result: we can’t help you refinance. Doing even more research online I found out that Ginnie Mae backs ALL FHA loans. This meant that the guy I talked to at W.F. was full of shit…Ginnie Mae not only participates in the Streamline re-fi process, but they are the ONLY ONES who do it. I called W.F. back, and got the same result.

Furious, I posted my situation and the above story on’s forums. Immediately a handful of mortgage professionals responded letting me know what I had assumed: the three people I had talked previously to were idiots and I could probably save about $300 a month on my mortgage if I went through with the streamline re-fi. I haven’t made another phone call on the subject because I’m still livid that W.F. and my own bank are employing dumb-asses who work the phone.

Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale

You know what I need? A beer. A beer will calm me down. Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale will do the job. This beer is a winter seasonal. The label starts with “New England winters are tough”. HA! This is particularly amusing because this “winter” has been anything but tough. We have seen record low snow totals and record high temperatures all season long.

Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale

The beer is a deep brown color with a decent head. It has a fantastic aroma that I can’t quite place. This sucker is thick and creamy on the tongue. Watch out, it’s candy-sweet and syrupy. No bitterness to speak of, leaving it too much on the sweet side.

I have an entire 22ounce bottle of this stuff and I’m having trouble after drinking about 3 ounces. Maybe I should have had a lighter dinner.

Summary – too sweet, not enough balance.

Cambridge Bannatynes Scotch Ale

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