Franklin County – Imperial Stout

Franklin County - Imperial Stout

Ugh. Today I felt like crap. Everything was going great until about 1:30 when I got a dizzy spell. It only lasted a second, but it left me feeling kinda woozy. I had the same thing yesterday while in church. I felt strange for a while afterward, so I ended up going home early and sleeping it off. If the problem comes back I’ll have to hit up the doctor.

Franklin County - Imperial Stout

I’m feeling better now, so I figure a beer review is in order. I “won” this bottle of Franklin Country Brewing 2009 Imperial Stout in a Yankee swap last month. I hope that the beer is still good…sometimes liquor stores keep this stuff on their shelves far too long. That said, it’s an imperial stout, which should age well.

Franklin County - Imperial Stout

I know nothing about this brewery. It’s apparently a brew pub in western, MA. I suppose I ought to visit it sometime! The brewery’s official name is Franklin County Brewery, but the beer is sold out of The People’s Pint brew pub in Greenfield, MA.

The imperial stout appears to have aged wonderfully. It lacks any real carbonation, which I assume is a result of the aging. Flavor-wise, everything seems deliciously normal. There is no indication on the bottle as to whether this is barrel aged, but I’m picking up strong bourbon flavor. It’s quite sweet with chocolatey notes. There is relatively little bitterness to the beer.

I’ll probably never see this vintage of beer again, but if I do I would snatch it off the shelf. Delicious!

Franklin County - Imperial Stout

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  1. The People’s Pint is an excellent brew pub. They have great food at good prices as well. Just an FYI for when you visit, they accept cash only.

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