Kona Koko Brown

You guys! OMG my favorite brewery released a new beer! Words fail to describe the sheer elation I experienced today when  I came across Kona Brewing Company’s Koko Brown on a beer run.

Before the review, the backstory: Kona Brewing Company has a special place in my heart. Wifey and I discovered them while on honeymoon in Kona, Hawaii and we’ve loved their brews ever since. Heck, Kona’s Pipeline Porter was my very first LIBA review!

The two times we’ve gone to Hawaii, we’ve made their brewery in downtown Kona a focal point of our trips. They use local ingredients like Macadamia nuts, bananas, coffee beans, and coconuts to brew the best beer I’ve ever had. But unfortunately for us mainlanders, Kona only sells three varieties in U.S. stores and most of us never get to taste their full array of brews.

Until now.

We loved this coconut-infused brown ale when we visited Kona, and quickly picked up two sixers. The label artwork pulls you in, and the aroma and flavor bring you home.

A lovely pour greets you, with a rich but clear dark brown color and foamy crown. If you let it breathe for a minute before drinking, you’ll be greeted by an intoxicating blend of nutty brown ale and toasted coconut goodness. The aroma kind of reminds me of Dunkin Donuts’ toasted coconut donuts.

I could literally drink these beers all day. The flavor is a perfect blend of toasted coconut, roasted malts, and nutty brown ale. It starts out crisp and refreshing, turns to coconuts through the middle, and ends on a tasty roasted malt note. The aftertaste is a nice mix of all the flavors, and reminds me of toffee. You’ll immediately want another sip.

This is an eminently drinkable beer. Crisp, flavorful, low 5.5% ABV – it’s got it all. Kona’s website says this is their new winter/spring seasonal, but I will attest that it tastes just as good in warm weather as it does in cold.

Do yourself a favor – drop whatever you’re doing at this moment, and go get this beer. Seriously.

Author: Silvio

I like beer.