Sixpoint Resin

Six Point Resin


It’s something my buddy Sean and I say to each other when we get a big video-poker hand that brings us back from the dead. Tonight I’m using it to celebrate being DONE with the stomach bug I had and being able to review beer again.

Six Point Resin

I’ve been DYING to review this can of Sixpoint Resin. I tried it at the Extreme Beer Fest and thought I liked it at the time.

Resin is an imperial IPA. It has a huge frothy head…milkshake-esc. It smells like sweet citrus. And BANGO! It tastes just like I remember. A nice mix of floral and citrus hops, not unlike the Heady Topper which I was head over heels for. This sucker is 9.1% ABV, which is why you’ll pick up so much sweetness.

I’m really digging semi-sweet imperial IPAs lately. I feel like it’s the best of both worlds, starting with creamy sweetness and finishing with huge bold bitter hops. 2.4 thumbs-up for Resin!

Six Point Resin

Author: Joshua Dion

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