Uinta Hop Notch

Unita Hop Notch

I’m the IT guy of the family. I have been since I was about 10 (no joke). I get the call from friends and family when PCs get sick. This past weekend I played IT guy for my wife. Her laptop died quite tragically. I spent HOURS trying to figure out what was going on. I finally figured out that the hard drive was pretty much toast. Since it was her work PC, I didn’t have time to shop around for a new drive. Nothing like paying full price at the local Staples! Over the last 3 days I have been using file recovery software to pull anything I can off her old hard drive. I’ve done surprisingly well, saving a good portion of her files.

Unita Hop Notch

Tonight’s beer is Uinta Hope Notch, an American IPA.

My beer tastes have definitely taken a turn recently, veering in the direction of “the bitter”. As I was sitting in class tonight, I couldn’t stop thinking about drinking a delicious IPA when I got home. It’s funny how the pallet changes. Thinking back…
1. Hefeweizens got me into craft. Not much of a fan anymore.
2. For awhile I was barleywine crazed. Now I’m just “meh” over them.
3. The last couple of winters I’ve been totally into Scotch ales.
4. I’m currently likely to hump anything bourbon barrel aged.
5. Over the last year I have developed a craving for sour beer…something I would NEVER touch even 18 months ago.

Unita Hop Notch

Getting back to the Hop Notch, it’s a terrific IPA for me. It’s plenty hoppy with citrus followed by flowery bitterness. “The bitter” is accompanied by some light sweetness that really helps balance things out. Note: Don’t get me wrong…this beer is still quite hoppy and I think it’s a good selection for hop heads as well as people just getting into IPAs.

Oh and for extra credit, the head on this beer was un-bu-fruckin-lievable. It looked liked whipped ice cream on the glass. I wanted to “motorboat” this foam.

Excellent beer. Give it a go!

Unita Hop Notch

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

1 thought on “Uinta Hop Notch”

  1. Your tastes have evolved. That tends to happen with beer drinkers. :)

    Glad you’re finally enjoying IPA’s. They were my first favorite style. I’m actually moving back to the more simple beers with less in-your-face flavor now. Having gone through the heavy hitters, it’s interesting to go back to the others and pick out the nuanced, delicate flavors in them.

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