Avery New World Porter

Today may have been one of the most teeth-grating, headache-inducing, overall frustrating days in recent memory. I’ll spare you all the annoying details, but must say the highlight was getting stuck in traffic because the police shut down a ton of roads in my town for a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Picture me sitting in my car, drunk a-holes swarming the streets around me, REALLY needing to pee, and moving three blocks in an hour. Ugh.

Fortunately, that’s all behind me and I can finally kick back with a nice cold beer. I’m still working my way through the tasting brews I picked up a few weeks ago, and decided to go with the Heavy Seas Black Cannon IPA. //Sees Josh reviewed this last year, grates teeth some more, gets another beer//

Ok, now that I’ve picked out a beer that hasn’t been reviewed, time to get to business – Avery Brewing Company’s New World Porter! I’ve been on a dark beer kick lately, so it makes sense to grab this one. It’s a limited-edition brew, somewhere between a porter and black IPA.

The pour is exactly what you’d expect – dark as night, with a creamy one-finger froth top. It’s got a surprising aroma, hard to place, but best described as sweet hoppy goodness.

There’s lots of flavor to deal with in this beer. It starts out with a lot of roasted sweet malts and transitions into a serious dry hopped middle before ending on bitter chocolate notes. I honestly don’t think I’ve three such distinct flavors as this one, but somehow they all work. The best way to describe this would be to take a handful of stanky hops, dry roast them, cover them in chocolate, and then take a bite. Sounds crazy, works well.

This is a solid, abeit very unique beer. It’s got a pretty decent 6.7% ABV, and it’s not what you’d call drinkable, but it tastes really good and is worth checking out. According to Avery, it’s available from January to April, so make sure to check it out while it’s in stock!

Author: Silvio

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