B. Nektar Zombie Killer Mead and Avery Salvation

Avery Salvation

Tonight I did a beer brainstorm with Silvio. Just like back in 2010, we decided to chat while watching the Walking Dead season finale. We couldn’t find a zombie-themed beer that we both could purchase, so we went with two different (but equally themed) selections:

Avery Salvation (Silvio)
B. Nektar Zombie Killer Mead (Me)


Avery Salvation

Opening Scene

Lost: Here. We. Go.
Silvio: Atlanta flashback. How the horde got there.
Lost: Must be the hoard that shows up on the farm.
Silvio: But the copter shows there’s still government somewhere.
Lost: That….is a lot of zombies. Holy shit…they don’t know the hoard is behind them.

Zombies overrun the farm

Lost: LOL. Carl is supposed to be in the house.
Silvio: Oh nice move Rick! Gonna let them in and burn the barn. I wonder how bad a barn of zombies burning smells?
Silvio: Peace, kid!
Lost: Who just bit it?
Silvio: Herschel youngest daughter’s boyfriend Jimmy.

Commercial Break – I review my mead

Lost: Let me tell you about this mead. It’s fucking terrific.
Lost: Mead is way more like cider than beer. No head. Very clear.
Lost: It has a ginger-ale appearance. This one has cherry added, so it looks like one of those raspberry ginger ales.
Silvio: I love those
Lost: I was worried about the cherry flavor being medicinal tasting, but TOTALLY not the case. At 6% ABV, they didn’t have to over-sweeten it.
Lost: So what you get is a fizzy, honey sweet drink, with this slight twist of cherry flavor. It’s quite delicious!

Avery Salvation

Zombies everywhere, characters start blasting zombies as they drive around in vehicles

Silvio:Glen is a bad shot.
Lost: Well his stupid girlfriend should slow down.
Silvio: Peace, Herschel’s family.
Lost: Oh how things change…only a few weeks ago Herschel was “saving” zombies, now he’s blasting them.
Lost: I thought that was the end of Herschel!
Lost: Dude, if they kill Andrea, that would suck.

Group is completely broken up, driving off in different directions

Silvio: How are the all going to find each other??
Lost: These people should have had a plan for something like this…a meet-up point, an exit strategy. Should have built a massive trench around the place, or some kind of defense.
Silvio: Pretty piss-poor fortress defense if you ask me.

B. Nektar Zombie Killer

Commercial Break – Silvio Reviews his Beer

Lost: Salvation time!
Silvio: Here are the beer specs: Avery Salvation, a belgian-style golden ale. 9% ABV.
Silvio: Poured golden and clear, like a pilsner.
Silvio: It’s got a two-finger foam head lots of spices and apricot on the aroma.
Silvio: Ok, so this is a super Belgian-tasting beer.
Silvio: There’s a lot going on here. Starts off with lots of apricot flavor. Indistinct spices, but LOTS of them.
Silvio: Toward the middle, the cloves come out to play. Nice aftertaste, hints of cinnamon and more fruit.
Silvio: Really well-rounded Belgian, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Right up my alley though.

B. Nektar Zombie Killer

Survivors manage to meet up again

Lost: Everyone figured it out, despite not having a plan
Silvio: They’re all rolling up! Those trucks need a wash, bad.
Silvio: Wow, they left Andrea’s ass.
Lost: Yup. Messed. Up.
Silvio: Peace out chick.
Lost: But they learned from the Sophia experience.
Silvio: No way she’s dead. She has all the guns.

Rick reveals to the group his secret

Silvio: Rick just figured it out.
Lost: That’s what Jenner whispered to him!!!
Silvio: Yup!
Lost: I had 100% forgot about that.
Silvio: Me too. Uh oh Rick has a mutiny on his hands.
Lost: Melissa and I are over here wonder why the hell everyone cares. What’s the diff?
Silvio: Lori thinks she’s gonna have a zombie baby.

B. Nektar Zombie Killer

Michonne appears, Rick loses his shit, show ends

Lost: There’s like 8 minutes left…where the hell are they going to take this?
Silvio: I bet they end it here – on the side of the road. We all are left hanging until October.
Lost: That would be…anticlimactic.
Lost: What
Lost: the
Lost: fuck?!?!?
Silvio: WTF!?!
Lost: I’m speechless.
Silvio: Dude had two armless zombies on a chain.
Lost: Woah….Rick’s gone bat shit
Silvio: Yup. But he has mad acolytes.
Silvio: Now THAT’ a cliffhanger!
Lost: What was that last shot of? Just the moon, or was that something off in the background?
Silvio: It was a prison
Silvio: It’s a fortified complex with barbed wire and guard towers around the perimeter. Fortress, brah!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.