High and Mighty XPA

High and Mighty XPA

Last night we had our friends Johnson and Michelle over for a livingroom fort party. Before the fort festivities got started, Michelle and I tried out a High and Mighty XPA.

The pour did not start off great; for every inch of beer there was 2 inches of head. After the head settled we dove in. I had warned Michelle before we started that this beer was going to be hoppy and more bitter than she is used to. She insisted upon trying this beer, so we ventured on.

Michelle described the XPA as “biting back” and she said “like the fist on the bottle, this beer punches!”. She wasn’t a fan, but I will give her credit for wanting to try new beers and also for finishing off the glass. I thought the brew was pretty tasty. It was hoppy for sure and I got a ton of citrus (pineapple) flavor. A decent brew!

High and Mighty XPA

After the beer review, the fort party began. I was the fort architect. We had some adult beverages and hung out in the fort chatting the evening away. Johnson ended up sleeping in the fort overnight, so I felt like it was a successful evening.

Check out the pictures below.

The last picture below depicts what you get when a guy who reviews one beer a day decides to drink four beers in a couple hours. I SWEAR, there was a dog next to me when I fell asleep…

Author: Joshua Dion

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