Lost Coast Indica IPA

Lost Coast Indica IPA

It’s a gray, chilly, rainy day in D.C., and the weather matches my mood. Bleh. After some morning golf lessons with wifey and assorted household chores, I’ve decided to brighten my day with the best remedy of all – a few brews!

Today I’m reviewing Lost Coast’s Indica IPA, part of my effort to get away from dark beers and back to my hoppy sweet spot. Pretty trippy label, I’ve gotta give it to them, and when combined with the name….let’s just say I’m expecting a super-stanky brew.

Lost Coast Indica IPA 1

The pour was a clear golden hue, a bit lighter than I was expecting, topped off with a nice two-finger tall frothy crown. I didn’t pick up much hoppiness in the aroma at first, but as it approached room temperature, I was straight sniffing stankonia.

This is not a complex-tasting beer. The formula is simple – hops, hops, and more hops. They start off subtly, and sweet, but takeĀ a serious turn toward dry and evenly bitter through the middle before ending on a long stanky note. There’s lots of mouthfeel here, and the flavor lingers for a while.

I’d recommend this beer for serious hops lovers, but definitely not for those who those who are only kind of into stanky IPAs.

Lost Coast Indica IPA

Author: Silvio

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