Magic Hat Demo

Magic Hat Demo

Last week I announced LIBABeerUp April 2012. A few days in and we already have ~40 RSVPs. Pretty good, but not good enough! I want to see 200 RSVPs!!!

Let’s do a little math. I have ~6,000 unique visitors to the blog each month, nearly 3,000 twitter followers, and ~450 LIBA facebook followers. Many of those individuals are double counted, but let’s just assume for a second that I can get 100 LIBA followers to RSVP. Now, imagine if those 100 people convinced two of their friends to come with them. Yeah, that’s 300 RSVPs – BANGO, just like that.

The morel of the story?

#1: Please join us on Saturday 4/21!
#2: Bring a couple friends!

Magic Hat Demo

Moving on to the beer review, tonight I’m drinking a spring seasonal called “Demo” from Magic Hat. M.H. was kind enough to send this and two other seasonals my way (thanks guys!).

The Demo is a black IPA. I wasn’t impressed by the pour – the head was lacking and it quickly disappeared. Fear not though! The flavor made up for the appearance. The beer is scary drinkable and I had the glass 3/4 the way gone before I realized I hadn’t written a word about it. At 6% ABV, this could get you into trouble.

The beer has an even mix of hops (sweet citrus) and malt (sweet chocolate). It has a light body, leading to it’s drinkability. It does lack some robustness, so if you want a hardcore black IPA, head somewhere else. If you’re looking for a good balanced black IPA which goes down easy, Demo is your guy.

Magic Hat Demo

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  1. Can’t make the LIBA BeerUp–too far away. Maybe one day though. But I am doing the next best thing that day. Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Tryouts!!!!!!!!

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