Magic Hat +-

Magic Hat +-

I’m in the middle of three very long days. Yesterday right after a SHIT BOX day at work I had to go straight to class. Today, work was better (although not enjoyable). After work we had just enough time for a run and dinner before heading off to a church event. Tomorrow is identical to today. The weather continues to be ridiculous for March in New England (80 degrees) and I’m pretty bummed that I haven’t been able to spend more time outside.

Magic Hat +-

Enough ranting. On to the beer. Tonight I’m drinking Magic Hat +-. This is the last of the batch of seasonals that Magic Hat sent over to me. I’ve been looking forward to a beer ALL DAY, so I’m hoping this hits the spot.

The beer pours a dark brown color and has a toasted coffee aroma. Taste-wise I’m picking up some nutty flavors and some roasted malty sweetness. Although well balanced, it starts to tip over to the sweet side. It ever-so-slightly reminds me of a brown ale.

For 4.2% ABV this beer is packing a relative ton of flavor and I’m really digging it. I could drink a dozen of these right now!

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