Samuel Adams Dark Depths

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

Beer Bottle Caps

The picture above, folks, is the current extent of my beer cap collection. It’s growing rapidly and I’ve been trying to come up with a creative idea for what to do with them. What do you think? Any good ideas out there? Help me out here!

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

Tonight I’m trying out Sammy Adams Dark Depths. This beer is one of their limited series. It comes in at 7.6% ABV and is sold in 1 pint 6 ounce bombers. The label calls the beer a “baltic IPA”. Officially it’s classified as a Baltic porter. I’m expecting some kind of hybrid of porter and IPA.

The pour: Looks like a porter.
Smell: Smells like an IPA.
Taste: PINE! PINE! I’m licking pine sap! Face….melting.

OK, I’m slightly exaggerating. Besides the color and the head on the beer, this sucker has zero qualities of a porter. In a blind taste test I would guess that this is an American IPA every time. It’s brutally bitter, and I wasn’t kidding about the level of pine flavor – it’s overpowering.

Not my favorite offering from Boston Beer Co. If you’re a hop-head I recommend you give this a try.

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

Samuel Adams Dark Depths

Author: Joshua Dion

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10 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Dark Depths”

  1. I have been collecting bottle caps, but trying to do 1 per brewery/design (like I have multiple DFH and SN caps because they have different colors). My plan is to turn them into magnets for my beer fridge. I’ve also thought about making a table out of them. I haven’t decided… it’ll probably be magnets because I’m lazy like that. :)

    1. Jimbo:

      Someone else suggested the magnet idea. I really like the concept, but I’m not sure wifey will let me cover the fridge. I don’t have a secondary beer fridge.


        1. A second fridge isn’t green. It would also mean I have to fill it. I have enough beer as is and I need no further excuses to buy more!


  2. First, are those all unique or are there duplicates. I collect them too and tried to keep only unique ones, but this quickly became onerous so I now just throw them all in a bucket and will sort out the duplicates some day.

    I am saving them to complete a table or bar top someday. Would construct some sort of recessed bed for them, glue them down, cover them in some sort of epoxy, and place glass overtop.

  3. I have some bottle caps right now that I have been collecting for a while. The thing I was going use them for was some sort of frame to put behind the bar. A table would be a great idea but I’m not that handy. Maybe you should give it a try.

  4. Pine sap? Brutally Bitter? The malt bill is amazing, as a home brewer, and apparent ” Hop head”, I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys beer for what it is. Water, malt, hops. Nice work Sam Adams!

    1. Fakehatch:

      I’m glad you picked up different characteristics in the beer and enjoyed it. Everyone has such a different pallet, which is part of what makes talking about craft beer so much fun.

      Thanks for taking a minute to add your thoughts.


  5. I really need any bottle caps I can get for my art work dented rusted mixed types.. I’m on a mission to do my hubby’s shed with a mosaic. Contact me via facebook.. will pay shipping plus 10$ for every 250 caps if you need compensation I gratefully accept donations, as I have become obsessed with this new art form in my life. Much obliged.

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