Blatant Session

Blatent Session

Good evening LIBA readers! How was your Easter weekend? Mine was all too short. Saturday was jam-packed with church activities, shopping, and things of the like. Today we went to my wife’s grandparent’s house for Easter. We’re winding down from the weekend this evening, watching A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

Blatent Session

Tomorrow is going to suck extra hard. I’ve got meetings basically all day. On top of that, my boss hired someone who starts tomorrow. My boss is out of town, so I’ll be taking point in bringing this person up to speed. As usual, I have Monday night class as well!

Now if that wasn’t enough, on Saturday I absolutely smashed my hand while playing with the dog and I’m pretty sure my ring finger is broken on my left hand. I was running with the dog when he darted to the opposite side of a fence, resulting in my leash-hand slamming into a fence post at terrific velocity. The finger was relatively fine on Saturday, but this morning I woke up and it was purple, swollen, and throbbing.

Blatent Session

A broken finger didn’t slow me down this weekend and it won’t stop me from doing a beer review! Tonight I’m plowing through this Blatant Session Ale. Blatant Brewery is a new Massachusetts brewery.

The session ale lives up to it’s namesake. The brew registers at 3.9%. It packs some mild hop action up front and then mellows out with caramel sweetness and some grainy flavor. For 3.9%, it packs a lot of flavor. You could drink this stuff all day and night.

If you’re from the Massachusetts area, I recommend you give the Blatant Session a go.

Blatent Session

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