Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

Day 1 of my Mexico trip. By now I’m probably liquored up and floating near the swim-up bar. While I’m gone I’ve scheduled some guest reviews. Day 1’s guest reviewer is my good buddy Brandon.

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

Hey folks, long time no beer review. Sorry, I’ve been slacking. I’ve surely been drinking beer, but definitely not reviewing it. I guess if I ran a beer review blog like Josh, I’d think about it differently. I bring this review to you tonight while Josh and his wife are off in sunny Mexico. It must be nice.

Tonight I’m bringing you a beer that I picked up on my recent trip back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY. The beer tonight is Flying Bison’s Buffalo IPA.

Flying Bison is primarily the only craft brewery in the Buffalo area. There are a few up and comers, but Flying Bison is to Buffalo as The Boston Beer Company is to Boston. The brewery opened its doors in 2000 (although was incorporated in 1995) and has quickly became a favorite in WNY.

There are several delicious beers that Flying Bison brews, but this is their newest. It’s an IPA, described as a perfect blend of an English and American IPA. I think it more closely resembles an English IPA, but who am I to judge.

Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

The beer pours with a nice white, foamy 2 finger head. The lacing on the glass is perfect (I should have included a picture!). The color is an orange/yellow blend that is crystal clear. What a nice looking beer this is!

The smell of this beer is somewhat faint, but very pleasant. There is a decent amount of floral and grapefruit tones coming through the nose. It’s bright and citrusy, which fits this nice weather well.

The taste of this beer is what is most impressive. This beer is what an IPA (I’m always right) should taste like. A perfect blend of malt and hops, with the hops sticking out at the end. You can really taste the English malts in this beer. I love it! As far as the hops go, it’s not a hop-bomb folks. This is a very well balanced IPA. The hops give it a piney/grapefruity flavor that lasts for quite a long time. This fantastic libation has a pretty decent bitter finish. A very nice, crisp IPA that is still very fresh in my glass (it was bottled 2 weeks ago). This is a 6.2% ABV beer, so a little more pungent than a typical IPA. However, I know I could down a 6 pack of this no problem (I just wouldn’t drive).

This beer is not distributed out here in New England, but if you buy me a beer at the Lost In The Beer Aisle tweetup on Saturday (or if you’re reading this after the tweetup, and you bought me a beer) than I may just have to bring some back for you on my next trip to good old Buffalo.


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Flying Bison Buffalo IPA

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