Jack’s Abby Jabby Brau

Jack's Abbey Jabby Brau

In one week I will be on the beach in Mexico. Hells. Yes. I can’t wait. Just one more (short) week of work to get through. I worked from home today and this Friday I’m working a half day. Tonight I’m chilling out and watching the Bruins. Playoff hockey is so stressful. The Bruins are playing the Capitals and the match-up is very even…anyone could win.

The weather today was nearly 90 degrees…crazy for mid-April! Tonight’s review is sticking with the summery theme – Jack’s Abby Jabby Brau. This session lager is 4.5% ABV and super drinkable. It starts with a little bitter hop action, but quickly turns sweet with a lemony finish. At first I was really digging the beer. About half way through the glass I started to get bored by the aftertaste. By the time I was done, my taste buds were beat into submission and I was back to really enjoying the beer.

Well worth trying if you haven’t already.

Jack's Abbey Jabby Brau

Author: Joshua Dion

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