New Belgium Biere De Mars

New Belgium Biere De Mars 1

Today, after six weeks of lessons, I finally took the training wheels off and played my first nine holes of golf. Needless to say, I set a course record…in number of drives sliced to the right into the rough. Regardless, it was a lot of fun, and I’m totally looking forward to hitting the links again sometime soon.

Wifey and I are headed out to a party at our friends’ house tonight, but I’m doing a little pregaming with New Belgium’s Biere De Mars. This 22-ounce bottle is a part of their “Lips of Faith” series, and definitely sounds like a unique brew. It’s a special spring seasonal, advertised as a “collision” of orange, lemon, and brettanomyces (which I thought was a joke, but is a type of wild yeast).

New Belgium Biere De Mars 2

The pour is incredible – massive fluffy three-finger foam head, and a golden cloudy color. It lives up to its billing on the aroma, with lots of indistinct citrus notes and a sweet spicy background.

Tastewise, it’s pretty much identical to the aroma. Lots of sweet but faint orange to start, a transition to a bitter and slightly metallic flavor through the middle, and it ends on a zesty lemon note. There’s not too much aftertaste, but it’s flat and bitter.

New Belgium Biere De Mars 3

Overall, this is a tasty beer and is very drinkable, but I probably wouldn’t want more than one 22-bottle at a time. The citrus is a bit too sweet and constant for my tastes, but it’s definitely worth trying.


Author: Silvio

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