Rock Art Midnight Madness

Rock Art Midnight Madness

Tonight I’m headed off to see The Hunger Games with the wife. As such, I figured it would be good to bang out a beer review now, early in the evening. Rock Art Midnight Madness is in my glass and I’m ready to rock.

The beer is completely black. Minimal head on the pour, although a thin coating of foam does stick around for a long while. It smells plenty smoked. In fact, all i smell is smoke (no, the house isn’t on fire…I checked).

This is a robust beer and is packed with flavor. There’s some malty sweetness involved, however the hickory/cigar smoke flavors completely dominate. Note: this beer is no where near as smokey as that Sam Adams Cinder Bock I had earlier this week. Thank God, because I’d hate to have to pour another beer down the drain. The Rock Art Midnight Madness is a good beer, which is saying a lot given that I’m not a huge fan of smoked beers.

I’ll close with a bit of a teaser…a number of weeks back I mentioned that I was stressed out while working on some very big news. Tomorrow I’m going to announce what that was all about.

Rock Art Midnight Madness

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