Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Day two of Mexico! I might be in a booze coma by now…or horribly sun burnt…or both. Oh well! Today is also my 33rd birthday! Yesterday Brandon held down the LIBA fort with a guest review. Today’s guest review is Vini.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Hi Everyone!,

First and foremost I wanted to thank Josh for letting me guest review on his blog. When choosing what beer I was going to review I could not think of any better beer than the fabulous Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. I first came across this guy during San Francisco’s Beer week last year and was not disappointed.

Although I haven’t heard much being said about the Hoptimum, I have to say that it is the best Sierra Nevada beer EVER! What I’m talking about is a whole-cone imperial IPA, AKA double (trouble) IPA. This guy knocks my socks off every time. The Hoptimum doesn’t poor into a mess of foam, but it does come in that almost Amber golden color that double IPA come in.
The taste is spectacular! From the first to the last sip you get that eruption of piney dried hopped bitter-sweet deliciousness that are synonymous with double IPAs. This beer to me is a combination of Pliny the elder meets 120min IPA without the crazy alcohol aftertaste.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

I’ve been lucky enough to have this guy in both Draft and bottle form. If you ask me, it tastes just as amazing either way. Hope you guys liked my review and if you would like to taste this baby and live in New England, you can find it on tap at the Blackback Pub in Waterbury, VT or pick up a four back in most craft beer spots around New England. PS: 10.4% ABV.


Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

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