Angry Orchard Hard Cider Crisp Apple

Big weekend in our household – wifey graduates from her LLM (like a masters in law) program tomorrow, we’ve got in-laws in town for the weekend and are about to host 20 of our closest friends for a backyard barbecue. So, I need to make this quick before assuming my manly grilling/beer drinking duties for the day.

It’s also hot outside – feels like the first summer day. I’m looking for something crisp and refreshing to start my backyard tenure, so I reached for Angry Orchard’s Hard Cider Crisp Apple. There are several variations of the Hard Cider, but this one looked the most appealing to me. I’m not always a cider guy (except for when we were in London and that was the best option among all their tepid brews) but it seems like the perfect choice for a hot day.

First of all, I’ve got to note the bad-ass artwork. That truly looks like an angry tree, and I think I’d hesitate to pick an apple from it. The pour was pretty much what I expected, no head at all, some¬†effervescence and a clear amber pour. Aroma-wise, we’re talking fermented apple juice all the way. This is clearly hard cider.

The flavor isn’t at all complex, but is very good. It tastes quite similar to a Macintosh apple on the front, a little sour but mainly sweet, before turning to more of a fermented-cider alcohol taste through the middle. There’s a sweet aftertaste, but it quickly fades away and there’s no real mouthfeel at all.

If you like ciders, you should definitely try this brew. It’s crisp, flavorful, light, and only has a 5% ABV so you’ll be able to enjoy a few without any worries. And with that, I’m about to put on my “Kiss the Chef” apron and start grilling. Have fun, ya’ll.

Author: Silvio

I like beer.