Cambridge Weekapaug Gruit

Cambridge Weekapaug Gruit

I spent Memorial Day by the pool drinking craft beer and getting far too much sun. By the time I got home I had that baked feeling (sun-baked, not weed-baked). If drinking good beer in bebautiful weather was the highlight, the low light was when my wife hucked one of those softball sized water-soaked pool balls at me, squarely nailing my mug full of beer and bathing me from head to toe in the stuff. I was livid.

My bath consisted of Cambridge Weekapaug Gruit. This was not only my first ever gruit bath…it was also my first ever gruit. Gruit (from what I gather) is an ancient beer style that utilizes herbs and shit.

My take: VERY unique flavors which were difficult to discern. It was an earthy-fruit flavor. The brew isn’t attractive – brown and murky. Overall impression: strange, yet tasty.

Cambridge Weekapaug Gruit

Author: Joshua Dion

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