DC Brau The Public

I’ve become aware of my homer reviewing tendencies lately on the blog, and was reminded this week that Port City isn’t the only quality brewery in town. Just across the Potomac River, DC Brau is doing a great – and often overlooked – job brewing beer in our nation’s capital.

I decided to throw DC Brau some love this week, and picked up a can of The Public, the brewery’s most popular beer. I’ve enjoyed this on tap at several high-quality District watering holes, but always love beer in a can. This is a classic American pale ale, and pours out a cloudy copper-wheat color with a frothy one-finger foam head. The Public’s got a very dry, hoppy sour aroma, very crisp and distinct.

The taste is pretty much an equal translation from the aroma. On the front, I get a very dry and floral hoppiness. Those hops stick around and get pretty bitter through the middle, especially toward the end. DC Brau touts semi-sweet malts on the end, but I didn’t get that at all. There are some citrus notes toward the very end, and you come away with a significant mouthfeel but no real end note.

Overall, I loved this beer, but that’s because I love hops. Unless you’re a serious hop-head, I suspect The Public may be a bit too bitter. However, if you love serious dry and bitter hops, this beer will truly curl your toes. The ABV is pretty low at 6%, so when you want to crush another one, you can do it without worry.

And, if you’re so inclined, here’s a video of the beer director for a group of DC-area restaurants reviewing The Public: DC Brau WTOP Beer of the Week

Author: Silvio

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