Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

You ever have that sensation like you’re forgetting to do something, all day, until you finally realize pretty late at night what it was you forgot to do? Yep, guess who’s got two thumbs and forgot to do his beer blog for the week – this guy, that’s who.

Anyway, after wifey dutifully reminded me I was still on the clock, I rallied and cracked open a Left Hand Brewing Company Sawtooth Ale. Even though I’ve reviewed a ton of Left Hand beers on this blog, I’d never run across it, even though it’s one of their original brews, according to the Left Hand website.

This brew definitely has some trippy artwork going on with the label. I am particularly curious about the four different hand signals on the label – looks like American sign language. I’d love to hear from any members of LIBA nation if you know what it means.

Anyway, back to the review. The pour was okay, with virtually no foam but an opaque dark amber color. The aroma was interesting, a blend of faint hops and sweet malted fruitiness.

Sawtooth is an ESB so I was expecting something, well, somewhat bitter. However, this turned out to be a very mellow brew, sweet but complex. I got lots of sweet malts on the front, which transitioned to an easy hoppiness, but with hints of fruit. Hard to place exactly what kind of fruit, maybe a berry? Regardless, it ends on a sweet roasted malt note that sticks around.

That’s probably the biggest distinction of this brew – there’s a lot of mouthfeel going on, but in a good way. It’s medium-bodied through the taste, and clocks in with a tepid 5.3% ABV.

Overall, I liked this beer, but no more than a solid “meh.” It was good to drink once, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to seek it out.

Author: Silvio

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