Backlash Declaration


On Thursday I came home to a surprise anniversary present from my wife. She got me one of those indoor remote control helicopters. I had been talking about getting one forever, and although they are inexpensive, I simply hadn’t bothered to get one. Well that fun lasted all of about 5 hours. I crashed the thing and lost an important part from the rotor. #fail

The thing didn’t fly well anyway. It had up-down and left-right control, but lacked forward-backward control.

Backlash Declaration

Today we attended a benefit walk for our local humane society. The walk was 3 miles and it really tuckered out our dog. We all took a nap after getting home. We’re awake, he’s still sleeping. I sometimes wish I was a dog.

Backlash Declaration

This evening’s beverage of choice is Backlash brewery’s Declaration.

The bottle has a wax-coated top with a Backlash’s logo pressed into the wax…pretty neat. The beer pours golden and has a froathy head. The style of beer is Belgian IPA, although as for flavors it has more Belgian than IPA. Citrus and spice/coriander are the main things I taste.

Not a bad beer at all…

Backlash Declaration

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