Devil’s Backbone Eight Point IPA

After nine years of faithfully driving the same Volkswagen Passat, wifey has finally decided to indulge herself and buy a new car. Today was spent auto shopping, complete with the awesomeness that is haggling with car dealers over prices, trade-ins, and extras.

After an afternoon at Honda dealerships across the DC metro area, we treated ourselves to a dope dinner at our local oyster bar. One the way home, we stopped into a local convenience store that specializes in local brews, where I noticed a few sixers of Devil’s Backbone, a central Virginia-based brewery I haven’t seen before.

Since I’m a hop head, I had to pick up their Eight Point IPA, named after a similarly appointed white-tail deer.┬áIt’s billed with a citrusy floral aroma and crisp bitterness, balanced by caramel malts – sounds awesome!

The pour is light amber and crystal clear, with a decent frothy foam head and significant carbonation. There isn’t much aroma to speak of, mainly some faint hoppy notes.

Taste-wise, this is a pretty complex and unique IPA. I was expecting to be hit over the head with hops, but that’s not the case. Eight Point starts out crisp and lightly bitter, and the hops really blossom through the middle. I definitely get lots of citrus notes and the bitterness isn’t bad whatsoever.

I wouldn’t call the malts caramel-flavored, but they definitely have lots of roasted tendencies and mellow out the middle. I may be crazy, but I think I also get a touch of pepper or spices on the aftertaste.

Overall, this is a pretty good IPA. However, no one trait stands out to distinguish it from other similar IPAs that do one part of the brew really well, and I’d give this no more than a solid middle-of-the-pack rating. One other note – at 5.9% ABV, Eight Point is definitely on the lower scale of IPA strength, so if you love IPAs but hate high ABVs, this could be a good option.

Author: Silvio

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