Dogfish Head Tweason’ale

Dogfish Head Tweason'ale

Today went by quick. I got up at a retardedly early 5:20am courtesy of my bastard dog. The same dog who got into the trash last night and spread it ALL OVER my apartment. Gotta love pets. I got to work extra early and as a result, left early. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this weekend. On Saturday I’m going to the afternoon session of The Festival and on Sunday I’m going on Harpoon’s Brewery tour in Boston. Beery weekend for the win!!

I’m kicking it off with a bottle of Dogfish Head’s new gluten free beer, Tweason’ale. About 10 years ago I was mis-diagnosed with a wheat allergy and went 6 months without beer. Yes, this amounts to hell on earth! At the time there was crap for gluten free beer. In recent years, slightly less shitty options became available.

This beer here is a fantastic beer, regardless of being gluten free or not. It is brewed with strawberries, buckwheat and honey. The strawberry flavor is dominant and the honey adds a perfect light sweetness to it. It packs a surprising 6% ABV. Very summery and a must-try.


Author: Joshua Dion

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