Hill Farmstead Abner

Hill Farmstead Abner

Day 2 of Atlantic City! And day 2 of pre-scheduled posts. Tonight you get a recap of last Saturday evening while I was still in Vermont.

Our usual routine when we visit my folks is to hang out with them until they go to bed around 10:00 and then hit the town for some adult beverages and late-night food. If you’re ever visiting central Vermont, be forewarned: the night life sucks ass. We really enjoy Julio’s Cantina, but it closes at 11:00 on Saturdays!

This past Saturday we decided to give the highly acclaimed Three Penny Taproom a shot. Three Penny offers probably the best selection of craft beer in central Vermont. I counted ~25 craft beers on tap. My mother knows the owner, but of course I stupidly made no plans to meet him…maybe next time.

For this visit I tried the Hill Farmstead Abner. Abner is a fantastic imperial IPA. It brings a mix of floral and piny flavors and is reminiscent of other greats from this category such as Alchemist Heady Topper and Sixpoint Resin. If you like really “sticky” hoppy beer, Abner is your man.

Author: Joshua Dion

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