Keersmaeker Mort Subite Gueuze

Keersmaeker Mort Subite Gueuze

This is a continuation of last night’s post…

The second beer Adam brought back from Belgium was Keersmaeker Mort Subite Gueuze. This was my first ever Gueuze! Adam taught me that the style is a blending of three lambics…interesting!

The beer had a distinct sweetness which Adam and I both thought tasted a bit like cherries. It was not medicinal at all. I picked up a tangy/tart flavor which also presented itself in the aroma.

At 4.5% ABV, you can drink this beer all day. And apparently Belgians do. Adam said he got addicted to drinking lambics and gueuze while he was in Belgium. And best of all, every beer you find over there sells for about 3 Euros!

Thanks again to Adam for hooking me up with some delicious foreign beer!!!


Author: Joshua Dion

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