Victory Hop Wallop

Victory Hop Wallop

Random thoughts time!

Today I was contemplating all the weird phrases I use. I’m sure there are a ton more, but below is a little snippet.

  • “Douche-nozzle” as a term of endearment. (Pro-tip: You can throw “douche” in from of anything and it’s guaranteed to be funny)
  • “Bag of dicks” (e.g. “Don’t be a bag of dicks”)
  • “Bad-Larry” as a noun. (My newest obsession)
  • Ending questions with “eh?” (I like to pretend I’m Canadian)
  • Calling people “chief” or “boss”. (An awful habit, I know)
  • “stoked” as a verb. (I was stoked just writing it)

Kinda odd in how we decide that these are cool and decide to adopt them. What are some of your favorite slang terms/phrases?

I’m kinda stoked for tonight’s beer: Victory Hop Wallop. I suppose I should quit being a bag of dicks and get to reviewing this bad Larry, eh douche-nozzle chief?

Victory Hop Wallop

The beer is an Imperial IPA – a style I have been GREATLY spoiled by as of late (e.g. Heady Topper, Sixpoint Resin and Hill Farmstead Double Citra.).

At first, the Hop Wallop tastes all wrong. It’s SUPER hoppy and tastes nothing like the aforementioned beery home-runs. It’s piney, floral and almost grassy. Despite being 8.5% ABV, there is a lack of sweetness. Through the first half dozen sips, I’m choking it down hoping to get to some imaginary delicious candy center.

Surprisingly, by the time half the bottle is gone, I’m starting to get into the beer. There is no doubt – this is an experienced hop heads’ beer and it’s not a good choice for the unwary craft beer newbie. It’s unfair to compare with a Heady or Resin, as the beers provide completely different flavor profiles.

You won’t find this beer in my glass again, but I recommend it for you hop lovers.

Victory Hop Wallop

Author: Joshua Dion

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