Victory Summer Love

Victory Summer Love

This afternoon I was down in Boston, working a Bio-Tech conference. There was a beer tasting area for the attendees. I was selected as one of the “beer experts” to talk about the beer while the attendees tasted. It was a cool gig and I had a great time. Love talking about beer. They served Cape Ann Fisherman’s Ale, Cisco Whale’s Tale, Ipswitch Ale and Harpoon IPA.

A big hello to any new readers who I met at the event!

After the event I went over to Stoddard’s Pub for beers and a bite to eat. Beer buddy Chris joined me, which I appreciated!

Victory Summer Love

Now I’m back home, chilling by myself. My wife is out of town for the night. I should be doing something bad-ass like going to the casino or getting blasted at the bar down the street. No so much. On tap for the rest of the night? This Victory Summer Love and then probably falling asleep on the couch. \m/

This Summer Love is a blonde ale, although I would never guess that. It has a sharp bitter pine flavor to it, which I immediately mistook for a hoppy pale ale. It clocks in at 5.2% ABV. Other than the pine flavor, the only other remarkable thing is the uber carbonation stinging my tongue.

Overall, just an OK beer. A bit of a strange blonde ale if you ask me…

Victory Summer Love

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