Angry Orchard Hard Cider Apple Ginger

We can all agree that LIBA is pretty awesome. Otherwise, why would you be reading this? But, I can’t help but think that there’s one huge thing missing from the blog – a female perspective.

That’s why I was so psyched to see Josh’s wife Melissa post her first review of Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider on Thursday. She’s a great writer and brings some variety to the party, and I hope she stays. I suggested in a comment on her post that much like Silvio Saturday, she starts a regular column – how about Melissa Monday?

Since she only drinks cider, that’s what I’m reviewing today, both to show solidarity and hopefully encourage her to become a regular poster. So, Angry Orchard’s Hard Cider Apple Ginger it is!

I’ve previously reviewed Angry Orchard’s Crisp Apple and loved it, so since I’m a cider noob I decided to go back to familiar ground. I also remembered how refreshing the first one was, so it seemed a perfect fit after a few hours working in the yard today.

Apple Ginger pours out as expected. There’s no foam head but tons of effervescent tiny bubbles, and it’s a crystal-clear golden yellow color. The label touts a distinct ginger aroma but I was pretty underwhelmed by the smell – I really had to stick my nose in the glass to get it.

Taste-wise, this is good not great. There’s a solid apple juice-sparkling cider base, but just hints of ginger flavor through the middle. As it warmed, the ginger got a little stronger, but was still relatively weak. It’s sweet up front and just a little tart toward the end.

However, even without that expected aspect, this is still a really solid hard apple cider. It’s eminently drinkable, without a lot of alcohol flavor in spite of a 5% ABV, and it’s really refreshing. In addition, it’s gluten-free. I crushed my first glass in just a few minutes and immediately wanted another one.

So, I’ll go two-for-two in recommending Angry Orchard ciders. Even if you prefer beer over cider, this is worth trying.

Author: Silvio

I like beer.