Gompers Brewery Black Tie IPA

Severe weather and my friend Jason’s wedding conspired to delay my review last week, but thankfully Josh absolved me of all guilt. As previewed, I was able to sample some excellent home-brewed IPA from Jason and his best man while at the wedding, and good lord was it a tasty brew.

So first a little backstory. Jason and his best man had been working on this brew for at least a year in anticipation of the wedding. They’d brewed other beers, but planned the Black IPA, appropriately named Black Tie IPA, for its release on the big day. I got to taste the first batch last year at our Octoberfest party and couldn’t wait to sample the real deal.

After Jason and his lovely bride were wed in an excellent ceremony, he broke out a few bottles for select guests during the reception. I wanted to hold off and admire the awesome label, but it was hot as hell, and time to drink some beer.

The groom and his beer

I drank the beer from its bottle, so I couldn’t get a great whiff of the aroma, but it smelled sweet and very malty. Unfortunately I couldn’t pour it out to get a look, but the taste was so worth the wait.

Black Tie started out super hoppy on the front, before completely switching gears and turning super malted with hints of coffee and molasses. On subsequent sips I got some chocolate notes in the background, but all around this was one of the most unique IPAs I’ve ever had.

My interest piqued, I asked the best man for some details. During the brewing process, they went with traditional India Pale Ale ingredients, but used a set of darker grains. They aged it for three months, conditioned in the bottles, and estimated the Black Tie at 6.8% ABV.

Unfortunately, they’re not likely to brew the Black Tie again, but I must tip my cap to these fine gentlemen for brewing a great bottle of beer. Kudos, chaps.

Author: Silvio

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