Moat Mountain Blueberry

Moat Mountain Blueberry

Yesterday my wife and I ran in the Finish at the 50 5k race in Foxborough, MA. The race takes place at Gillette Stadium (home of the New England Patriots). The course circles the stadium, then goes inside. After rounding the stadium inside a couple of times, the race finishes with the participants running through the main tunnel and onto the field the same way the Patriots do on Sunday. The race finished on the 50 yard line, and we got to hang out on the field for 20-30 minutes afterward! Way cool.

Finish at the 50

Today we spent the afternoon in New Hampshire celebrating the 4th of July with my wife’s long time friend Jen and her family. I brought a bottle of Moat Mountain Blueberry along for the ride.

To recap from earlier this week, the Moat Mountain red ale was good, but the bock was not so great. The blueberry was the former – delicious! The brew wasn’t too sweet, nor too bitter – both failings of other blueberry beers I have had. It was well balanced and although straight-forward, it was a solid brew!

I’m 2/3 with Moat Mountain beers…I’m starting to think I need to visit their brew pub.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Finish at the 50

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  1. Josh,
    Have been to the Moat Mountain Brew Pub many times as it is right down the street from the cabin. Don’t know about their veggie or fish options, but the BBQ we had there was very good.

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