Moat Mountain Matilda’s Red Ale

Moat Mountain Matilda's Red Ale

Tonight’s beer selection is Moat Mountain Matilda’s Red Ale. WAYYYYYY back in the spring of 2009 I had Moat Mountain for the first time. It was just before I started LIBA and we were in North Conway, NH for a weekend cabin excursion with our friends Sean and Kerry. It’s hard to believe that was over 3 years ago! Stupid time flies by too fast!

In any event, while we were there we stopped at Moat Mountain brew pub and smoke house. We were not yet vegetarian at the time and I’m sure I had something ridiculously meaty. We also got beer flights. I recall enjoying the flight, although at the time I was just a craft beer baby.

Moat Mountain Matilda's Red Ale

The Matilda is a very solid red/amber ale. It poured a perfect reddish color with a huge 3 finger head. For bonus points, about a finger’s worth of head lingers until the last drop. It’s got a medium level of carbonation. Caramel malts dominate, with a hint of bitterness you often get with red ales. Don’t get wrong, this isn’t a “fireworks in your mouth” kind of beer, but it’s damn solid and you could drink this stuff all day long any time of year.


Moat Mountain Matilda's Red Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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