Stoudts Scarlet

What a beautiful summer weekend we have going in New England. It’s been sunny and in the 90s all weekend long. I was thinking it would be great to sit out on the patio, but all I had was an uncomfortable camping chair. Luck shined upon us, as our neighbors were throwing out a perfectly good set of patio chairs.

OK, “perfectly good” isn’t accurate. One of the chairs was golden, and another had a broken back-rest. Nothing a trip to Lowes for giant zip-ties couldn’t fix though! (see picture above) Just like new. You may now proceed to call me cheap.

Stoudts Scarlet

As a reward for securing our patio setup, I’m typing this from said setup and enjoying a Stoudts Scarlet extra special bitter. This brew was a gift from my mom, making all the more tasty.

Contrary to the style name, the beer isn’t bitter at all. In fact, it’s mostly caramel sweet with a hint of citrus. It doesn’t have much in the way of carbonation, so it goes down smooth. It’s not an overly complex beer, but it sure is delicious!

Stoudts Scarlet

Author: Joshua Dion

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