Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Great Lakes beer, mainly because I thought I had reviewed them all already. But lo and behold, on my last beer run, I came across a new (to me) Great Lakes – the Holy Moses White Ale.

First, props once again to Great Lakes for awesome artwork. I’m not really sure what local relevance Moses has to Cleveland, but I’ll bet he’s leading his people to some great-tasting beer.

The pour is great, a cloudy golden yellow color with fluffy white foam crown. I picked up tons of citrus on the aroma, very reminiscent of camomile tea with lemon in it. The taste was incredible – the best way to describe it is a perfumey sweet white ale. I picked up oranges throughout the beer starting on the first taste, camomile in the middle, and coriander in the background through the middle and through the long end note.

There’s some serious mouth feel to this beer and it sticks around, but it’s faintly citrus and sweet. I often find white ales with strong spices taste a bit soapy, but that’s nowhere near the case with Holy Moses. I really liked this brew and highly recommend it, but you probably wouldn’t want to drink more than a few in one sitting¬†(even though it’s got a relatively low 5.4% ABV)¬†because the spices might be a bit too much.

Author: Silvio

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