Magic Hat HI.P.A.

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Most of the time I try to stay positive. Tonight you have to listen to me complain. I’ll make it quick.
#1: My IBS is terrifically bad for the last week. I spent all Sunday miserable on the couch. In fact, it hasn’t been good for about 2-3 months.
#2: I’m completely and utterly stressed out from work. Can’t complain about it here due to the fact that a large number of co-workers now read the blog. Oh, how I long for the early days of LIBA when I was anonymous!
#3: All around me (with the exception of my awesome wife) it seems like common sense is going extinct. No further details will be given. Sorry for the vagueness.

/Rant off

And with that, I feel better now!

Magic Hat H.I.P.A. (1).jpg

And now it’s time for a beer. Last week I received free beer courtesy of Magic Hat. I immediately reviewed the Hocus Pocus. I now move on to this H.I.P.A (pronounced “high-P. A.”). I’m going to cut to the chase and say that I’m not a huge fan.

It’s an OK IPA, but very much “meh”. It’s not packing much in the “interesting” department. I will give it this though: It’s fucking hoppy! Mostly piney, a little floral. Magic hat describes it as “slightly sweet”, but this guys is calling shenanigans on that; the beer is bitter through and through. If you like “the bitter” and like getting tipsy (it’s 6.7% ABV), pick up a six pack up the HI.P.A..


Magic Hat H.I.P.A. (1).jpg

Author: Joshua Dion

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