Smuttynose Homunculus (and much, much more)

This weekend has been “interesting”. You see, I got a vasectomy on Friday and I’ve been recovering ever since. My wife and I have been together for 14 years and we decidedly do not want biological children for a few reasons. In no particular order:

  • We like our freedom. We want to travel the world together. For that matter, we want the freedom to go out for dinner or drinks on a whim.
  • We believe there are enough kids out there. If we want kids, we would adopt. There are millions of kids already out there that need a home!
  • I personally am afraid of what we (humans) are doing to the planet today.
  • We have no burning need to procreate for the purpose of carrying on our “family line”.

Now on to the good stuff. You know me; I’m the king of too much information (TMI). As such, I decided to LIVE tweet the procedure on Friday. Below are the tweets that I sent out. NOTE: You must scroll to the bottom of the section and read from bottom to topEnjoy the recap!

Seeing the response from my followers on Twitter was amusing and helped pass the time during the procedure. Although I received a TON of tweets, below is a small sample of some of the funnier comments.

I stopped into Julio’s on the way home for some “celebratory” beer. I didn’t have anything specific in mind when I walked in, however when I saw the Smuttynose Homunculus I thought it would be appropriate given the situation!

I ended up feeling like CRAP Friday night (no surprise) and waited until Saturday to drink the brew. I wasn’t 100% on Saturday either, but decided to power through it. The pictures were taken from the spot on the couch where I spent nearly 48 hours this weekend!

Homunculus is a Belgian IPA. It had an awesome head, which I tried to capture in the below image. In the taste department it brought a ton of Belgian character: spice, super malty sweetness, and significant fruit. There was some hop character, but overall it ended up being too sweet for me, although it could have had something to do with feeling so lousy. I ended up pouring out most of it and hobbling off to brush my teeth, which felt like they had a sugary coating.

The remainder of the weekend hasn’t been much better. I had a dull pain, which prevented me from getting around much. Even as I type this Sunday night, everything downstairs is pretty tender. I’ve heard that some guys are pain-free the day after the operation, while others it takes a few days to recover. I guess I’m in the latter category. :/ It’s all good though!

In 3 months I go back and provide a “specimen” (see below) to check to see if I’m clear.


Author: Joshua Dion

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