Baltika Nevskoye

Evening LIBA nation! I’m in a team meeting tonight, so I’ve got a guest review for you today. This comes from a co-worker and friend, Jeff and this is his first LIBA post. Please make him feel welcome! Jeff…

Baltika Nevskoye

This Russian Ale (Nevskoye = pronounced ‘Nev-skoi-yay’) is very good. Basically, I like amber to brown ales…mostly from Britain/Ireland. When going through the beer aisle at a new local wine/beer craft store, this Russian beer label caught my eye. I’m not sure how much beer is made in Russia, which I consider the land of vodka. However, being intrigued since I’m a quarter plus Russian, I decided to give it a go.

Overall, I was very surprised; it was quite good. It has a amber color as expected and at first a slightly bitter taste that gets better throughout the 1 pint+ journey. Overall, I like amber ales, because of the slightly bitter but mellow taste — this one fit nicely into my ales wheelhouse. I would consider searching this out and trying it all over again. If you like mellow amber ales, then I would suggest giving it a try.

As your local Russian Ale Craftsman would say “Очень хорошее пиво”! Enjoy!


Author: Joshua Dion

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