Berkley Golden Ale

Over the last 6-8 months my taste in music has significantly shifted to heavy metal. I blame Pandora.

I always liked hard rock and about a year ago I really started getting into Breaking Benjamin. They have a slew of awesome songs, but I think “Diary of Jane” was what initially caught my ear.

While listening to a Breaking Benjamin Pandora station, I heard Five Finger Death Punch’s rendition of Bad Company. This song (and the video) kick so much ass, it’s just ridiculous. I subsequently got REALLY into Five Finger Death Punch, even though many of their songs get into that throaty death-metal stuff.

More recently I’ve gotten into Bullet for my Valentine, which I can’t stop listening to.

What really kicks ass about these bands is that they can switch between guitar-shredding-throat-bleeding metal to vocal-awesomeness-metal-ballads.

And finally, for a curveball, I’ve also started listening to Hollywood Undead. This group is a rap-rock band made up of white dudes. Their beats are sick, and their music gets me jacked up. At the end of the day, that’s why I like all of these bands. The music is loud and hard; it helps me unwind and is an awesome motivator while running.

Why do I tell you all this? I have no idea…but I hope you enjoyed the story and the videos!

Berkley Golden Ale

Berkley Golden Ale

Moving on to tonight’s beer review…

I’m drinking Berkley Golden Ale. Berkley is a Massachusetts nano brewery that started distributing beers literally weeks ago. They currently brew three beers: an IPA, a coffee porter, and this here golden ale.

The golden poured with a FANTASTIC head. In fact, 20 minutes into drinking this thing I STILL have a great head. I’m also getting very thick lacing on the glass. Impressive head if nothing else!!

The beer itself has a grainy taste, which is mixed with heavy malts and a slightly earthy hop flavor. At 5% ABV you’ll probably find it quite drinkable. Given that this is a new brewery, I wasn’t expecting much, however the flavor profile is surprisingly unique and interesting. I recommend trying it!


Berkley Golden Ale

Berkley Golden Ale

Berkley Golden Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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